Free Report Reveals The 7 Deadly Sins Of Internet Marketing

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About Me

I was born in Holland and I am the third of 4 kids. We migrated to Australia and settled in Melbourne. (mum, dad and us four kids)

Growing up, I knew nothing about investing or entrepreneurship and was never even remotely interested!

I was too busy working full time and going to night school 4 days a week and studying on weekends to qualify as a medical laboratory scientist.

After graduating,, I spent 3 years in rural Bangladesh at the Peoples Health Centre, located twenty miles north of the capital,  Dhaka where I trained local paramedics how to perform pathology tests. It was fun! I learned a new language and even helped in the  paddy fields to plant, grow and harvest rice.

After returning to Australia (broke and no job), I returned to the field of laboratory science.

I realised from my time in Bangladesh that I could do a lot more from a position of wealth rather than just volunteering and subsisting on the local equivalent of $20 per month and I gradually started to learn about investing in real estate, stocks and internet marketing.

I had developed a portfolio of nearly $750K AUS when I lost it all and went into bankruptcy.

(it’s a long story, I won’t bore you with the details)

From that I learned what not to do and started again - ( yes, you guessed it, broke and no job again).

After many twists and turns and growing opportunities with internet marketing, I finally stumbled upon Misha Wilson’s Mastery Institute and I knew I had found the right vehicle for success. 

The best part about Misha’s programs is that I could still work full time in laboratory science and learn all the excellent skills and strategies that Misha and his team provide.

I now want to share these skills and strategies with you!